Small Fashion Nova Haul

Welcome back for another blog! 🙂 ** Sorry for the delay on this blog, Ireland just had a crazy snow storm and I didn’t have electricity so this blog is only going up no**

I am genuinely so excited to write this post, I have waited 2 weeks for this delivery. I am sure you have heard of Fashion Nova from all the major beauty gurus and celebrities, I really wanted to see if the clothes really lived up to the major hype it was getting. The product I have heard most about is their jeans, they are meant to be an amazing fit for women of all sizes. I have unfortunately put on some weight in the past 18 months (slowly losing it yay) and it’s been hard to find jeans that are tight fitting but don’t give me a muffin top. I don’t feel attractive in jeans anymore so I was glad to put Fashion Nova to the test.


Fashion Nova is all about giving women confidence, making them feel incredible about their bodies. They are based in Downtown LA but delivery to so many countries around the world and luckily for me they actually deliver to Ireland!

I was nervous about sizes because in Ireland I fluctuate between a size 12/14 depending where I am buying clothes and I didn’t know anything about American sizes. I thought I would start off light and just buy 2 pairs of jeans and 2 hoodies.

1.  Keep It Simple Hoodie – Grey $13.98/€11.35


I got this hoodie in a size large, it is a nice fit a bit baggy in the stomach area but I always need a bigger size because of my boobs. I love this hoodie it is amazing quality, it is nice and soft on the inside. It is a thick hoodie so perfect for me this time of year in Ireland. The colour looks like a light grey on the website but is actually a small bit darker, nothing to complain about. I have worn this hoodie quite a bit and it is baubling in the armpit area but that’s because I am wearing in 24/7. I think it is an amazing price, I can get the same priced hoodie in Penneys/Primark and the quality is 0 compared to this. It is 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, you can pair it with the matching joggers. * Currently on sale for $10.97/€8.97 *

2. Everyday Classic Hoodie – Burgundy $14.99/ €12.17


I also got this hoodie in a size Large and I am glad I did, it is a lighter more tight fitting hoodie. I can’t wear it this time of year as it is currently too cold but will be perfect for April/May time when it is getting warmer but I still need an extra layer. The quality of these clothes are great, they wear and wash well.  57% Cotton 38% Polyester 5% Spandex.

3. Get It Right Back Ankle Jeans – Medium Rise Blue Wash $29.99/€24.35



These jeans are a stretch mid rise blue wash jeans with large knee destruction. I got them in a US Size 11 or UK Size 14 with a 26 inch Inseam. Holy Cow these jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. They are tight but so stretchy that you don’t feel like you are wearing them. I put them to the test by wearing them to see Black Panther in the cinema. My usual jeans will start to annoy me half way through the movie digging into my stomach but these jeans it felt like I was wearing tracksuit bottoms. As a slightly bigger girl I know how hard it is to find jeans that fit like you want them, you can forget going to Penneys/Primark I am telling you now stop buying your jeans there and buy them on Fashion Nova. Yes they may be a bit more expensive but they do last so much longer and you will look way better and feel so much better wearing them. * Currently on sale for $15.97/€12.75 *

4. San Antonio Distressed Jeans – Medium Blue $19.99/€16.23


I have never bought high rise/ high waisted jeans, I have always thought they were for skinny girls because they never fit me right. I was very reluctant to buy these jeans with that mindset. I got these jeans in a US Size 11 or UK 14. These jeans are stretch skinny with a distressed and whiskered front and a 31 inch inseam. 80% Cotton 15% Polyester 5% Spandex. I like these jeans, the fit me nice and snug and come up a bit below my breast area a bit too high for me. I do like how they make me seem like I do have some sort of waist and how the snatch me in as well. I think I would be confident enough to wear these jeans with some sort of crop top so that is progress for me. They are a great quality along the lines with top shop.



I highly recommend this website for clothes they are reliable and fast enough shipping for Ireland.  They always either have a discount code for customers or have sales on. When I was purchasing this order I got a 20% discount which got me $13.78 off my entire order. If you are shipping to Ireland it will cost you $10.00 or €8.12.

If you are a big girl looking for a perfect fit please consider ordering these clothes, they fit amazing and their styles are on trend. They got from a size 4- 30 Uk Size.

Thank you for reading, please don’t forget to like,comment and share!








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