Why I Deleted My Blog Social Accounts

Welcome back for another blog and if you are new welcome thank you for joining us!

I started this blog a year ago and it has done way better than I ever thought it would, to this day I have nearly 6,500 views on my page, that’s crazy to me. I love to read, write and do makeup and I thought well that’s a great combo for a makeup blog. I was in a bad place in my life, I had just failed out of college, I was unemployed, I had nothing going for me career wise and that took a tole on my mental health. I wanted to express myself, have something to look forward to and do something I love again. It took me ages to post my first blog even though I had it typed up ready to go for weeks.

I showed my blog to a friend first to get validation that I should do this blog, that I wasn’t being stupid. Typical Irish person, I didn’t want to do anything different because it’s not the norm. I was also afraid because I am no way good at doing makeup, I am okay but I would never post a look I did or anything like that. I am just your average makeup girl, nothing special.

My blog took off for a little while and I was all excited and I let myself think wow this could actually go somewhere or be something. I set up a Facebook page, snapchat and Instagram. I was excited doing something that I loved but I always had doubt in the back of my head. That doubt started to grow and grow as I saw girls I went to school with and other girls in my town set up pages, doing amazing makeup and I just felt so stupid. Why did I think I was going to stand out or be any different, I didn’t have half the talent these other girls did. The more I posted the more stupid I felt and the more I thought people were laughing at me, so I deleted all my accounts except my actual blog page.

I decided I wanted to keep doing the thing I love, but I will write to strangers instead of people I know. I gained so much confidence in myself knowing that people around me weren’t laughing at me. This also makes me sad that I don’t believe what I have is good enough, but I guess every person with a blog has thought this at some point right?.

Maybe one day I will make it back to where I was but until then I happy to just write for you guys, all 30 of my followers haha.

If you have ever felt this way I would love if you reached out, tell me how you felt and how you over came it because right now I am kind of in a rut.

I love you guys 🙂


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