Inglot Single Eye Shadows

Welcome back to another blog!

I am the most inconsistent blogger of all time, I can post 6 times a week or 2 times a year there is no in between. Today I am going to be reviewing my inglot single eye shadows. I am a big fan of inglot and their products especially the AMC Eyeliner gel in the shade 77.

I purchased  4 single eyeshadows in the South Anne Street store in Dublin a couple of months ago for €6 per pan. The shades I got were 160,297,298,368. You had to pay extra for the palette to hold the eye shadows but it was an extra cost I didn’t want to spend at the time. So with saying all this lets get into the review.


♥ Freedom System ♥

The freedom system gives you the opportunity to create your very own palette with the shades you want. You pay €6 per pan and then extra for the palette, but the price is very reasonable as you get 3g per pan. Now the palette itself is very high quality and sturdy, I think very worth the investment I just didn’t have the money at the time. It is hard plastic and magnetic so your shadows aren’t going anywhere. If you were to look at my selection of shades you wouldn’t really say they were cohesive for a palette. I wanted to get shadows that I don’t already have in my collection.

These products are extremely pigmented, I was very intimidated by the pigmentation because I am not a professional makeup artist and it would be very easy for me to mess it up. I do love them because they are so easy to blend and a little product goes a very long way.


If you are wanting to invest in a palette that is 100% what you want, that you know will last long, the quality is 100% then I would tell you to go and buy these products 🙂


Thanks for reading see you next time!



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