Ps Havana Collection


Hi Darlings,

I know it has been a year and a day since I last uploaded but my motivation comes in droves. Once I have it, I am all go everything gets done. When I don’t have it I am a slob on the couch watching Sons Of Anarchy like I have done the past 3 weeks. I haven’t been completely lazy, I filmed 2 two make up videos, 1 was a review of the Ps Silicone Sponges and the other was a simple workday makeup. Lets say I have self-esteem issues and the videos didn’t make the cut.

So today I am going to be talking about my favourite collection from Penneys makeup.. THE HAVANA COLLECTION. I feel like this makeup has been sent from the makeup gods. When I first seen it I feel to me knees and prayed for such perfection ( little bit of a slight exaggeration) I just did a few swatches on Snapchat and I uploaded the video to Facebook and here we are 11,000 views later. As a result of that success I did a giveaway of the collection which 3 lucky ladies have won.

Now down to business.

I originally thought that the Havana Collection was just makeup, but I was wrong. It is the whole tropical theme throughout the store ranging from Makeup, homeware and clothing.  I have bought a few items from the collecction:

  1. Havana Face Palette
  2. Havana Eye Palette
  3. Havana Metallic Eye Cream
  4. Havana Lip Lacquer


Havana Face Palette €6

This was the first thing I purchased, when I opened it and swatched it, I instantly fell in deep love with this palette. There is a highlighter, a bronzer highlight, contour and blush. They have serious pigmentation, so creamy and long- lasting.

The highlighter is golden and might not suit a paler skin tone, this includes me but I love it so much I wear it anyway. All the colours just blend so beautifully together.


Since the product is so pigmented, I would advise a soft light hand when it comes to the blush and contour. I go to town with the highlighter, but who doesn’t? It is a beautiful palette and I seriously recommend it.

2. Havana Eye Shadow Palette €6


This eye shadow palette is just like the face palette. Full of beautiful tropical colours. They are easily blend-able, and build-able. It has perfect colours for anyone looking for an out there look or a simple everyday look.

Ps… eye-shadows never really swatch well , but swatches aren’t everything. They blow me away when I apply them, they seem chalky and patchy when you swatch them, but when  I apply it on my lid,  the pigmentation is definitely there and is definitely not patchy!

3. Havana Metallic Eye Cream €2

OMG these cream eye-shadows give me life! They are just so beautiful. The way that I use them is if I am doing a halo eye look and need that extra umph I apply a little bit of one of these shades to the centre of my eye and set it with a high lighter that matches or an eye-shadow that matches. Another use I have for it is, I love a good inner corner highlight so I apply this cream eye-shadow and set it with the highlighter in the face palette and it stays there all day, all night and the next day. There are 4 shades but I only have 3.

The green is not the greatest, it is patchy but with an extra layer the patchiness goes away. With these cream eye-shadows a little goes along way.


4. Havana Lip Lacquer €2.50


These lip lacquers was a weird test for me, I thought they would dry because when I first applied it I though oh this is going to be matte. It never dried, it stayed sticky. They rub off on everything, so if you touched your hand of your lips it would rub off. But it is also very hard to remove, I don’t actually know what I think of this product yet.


Overall this collection is A1 for me, there is pigmentation, long wear and the look for high end brands with a low price tag.



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