Primark SS17

I have been totally blown away by Primark SS17. The style is on point with the fashion trends, couple of years ago Primark was always behind on trends but now seems to be ready and waiting this year. They are even starting some new trends!

I am obsessed with the clothes and the price that comes with it. I just wanted to share with you the clothes that I have seen that have been selling like crazy and maybe you will pick up some bits for yourself. This kind of blog is a little out of my comfort zone because my style is comfort. I am trying to break my mold this year and maybe you should too. I have always been careful with what I wear, I tend to always lean to baggy clothes because I am not comfortable with the shape of my body. 2017 is my year to be better and I am starting with some of these pieces.

#Trend 1 – Grunge / Rock

I have noticed a big increase in band t-shirts and more grunge clothes that are very 90s esque. Bring it on, I am all for it my teenage me is screaming out for it. When I was 15 all I wore was black jeans, band Ts and plaid shirts. Lucky for me it’s very in at the minute. They are selling fast and you will soon see 14 year old girls wearing Van Halen merch and not know who they are. Absolutely loving this style.

#Trend 2 – Insta Girl

Admit it, we all want to be those beautiful Instagram girls with the perfect makeup and those to die for bodies in their athleisure. Primark has picked up on that and has graced us with their products. The products have two purposes 1) for exercising 2) Style.


#Trend 3 – Ruffles

I love this trend I think it adds a much needed touch to some of the more mono style dresses. I have seen it on dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and tops.



#Trend – 4 Flute Sleeves

This style is something I see catching on very quickly. It is so very simple and has understated details but is a wardrobe must. This style comes from the 1960s.


There are so much more styles in the SS17 collection, if you have liked this blog and want to see more please comment or like 🙂



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