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Hi Everybody,

I just want to say a big big thank you to everyone who has helped me reach 10,000 views on my video,I was overwhelmed with the response. The girls who have won the Havana Collection giveaway, Catherine, Danielle and Leanne I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise the prizes will be given within the next week.

I heard that Primark were coming out with a new tan and being honest, I didn’t have high expectations of it. I thought this is going to smell weird, it’s going to turn green or it’s going to be streaky. I was really afraid to try it in case it turned out terrible. I also thought because it was only €3.50 that it wasn’t going to be all that.

I have learned do not judge a book by it’s brand and price tag.

self tan time line.PNG

♥  Preparing My Skin ♥

When applying self tan, you need to get the base right. The best thing to get your skin looking flawless is to shave, exfoliate and moisturize before you tan. It makes sure tan doesn’t cling to the hairs or dry patches that your skin may have.

♥  Applying The Tan ♥

I always start with my arms, the tan I usually use, one pump does my whole arm so I was expecting the same result from this tan. I think it took me 3 or 4 pumps to do one arm, not much comes out with one pump. It spreads nicely, you don’t have to rub for ages to get the product to blend.

I was expecting the tan to smell weird like the Coco Brown, I really can’t stand the smell of it and my boyfriend doesn’t either so I don’t wear it anymore. I think I thought it would smell because Primark sells the Coco brown, therefore they would produce a similar product. I was so wrong, it smelled beautiful, nice and fruity because of the Apricot Oil.

Then tan appeared start away there was no developing time, so it was easy to see parts I have missed. At the time I was unsure if it needed to develop or not so I just left it on over night just in case, it looked the very same after just applying. It was kind of sticky like some tans so I sat around wearing minimal clothing to let it dry. The tan did not rub off on my clothes or on my sheets so I was delighted.

♥  The Tan On My Skin ♥

I got the shade Light Medium for two reasons

  1. It was the only shade we had it stock
  2. I wanted to try the lightest just in case it was a crazy colour.

I am very pale and when I mean pale, I mean the whitest person you have ever seen in your life. Just look how white my feet are.

Pale feet.PNG


This tan looked so natural on me that even my own mother thought I was just out in the sun and that is the look I was going for. I wanted to look sun kissed. If you weren’t pale I would recommend you get the Dark shade.


After letting the tan develop for the night the tan smelled like my skin, I decided to not wash it off like I would with Coco Brown tan. I have learned that with this product you can put it on just before heading out, it would be great if you were going out on a last minute night out.

♥ Longevity ♥

The next time I had a shower the tan came off completely, I would say that this tan is a quick one night only kind of tan. I would definitely say it was build-able if you would like to add more on.

♥ Overall Opinion ♥

I would recommend this tan if you only want a quick tan, a one night only kind of thing. I really like this product and will continue to use it because it was easy to apply, smells nice, gives a natural glow and comes off easy there is no patchy weird looking effect to it.


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