Primark “Work Out”Beauty Collection

Hello Everyone!

My most popular blogs are my Primark ones, I suppose it is because there is not a lot of information or reviews about primark make up. Well girls I am here for you, I got you covered, I got your back. There are a few products in this collection, the ones that I have purchased are:



I liked the idea behind this product, I wanted something light weight that gave me some coverage on the days where I didn’t want to go full glam but didn’t want to go full bare face either. I love the fact it as a concealer and a mirror in its lid. I would use the concealer to spot conceal on the areas that needed a little more attention. The colour range is not great at all with this product, it is the same with their PS Pro Long Lasting Foundation. I got the shade light but it was too dark for me, the product it’s self is really good. I use it when I am doing make up for my Mother and Aunt. I would use it a lot more but the colour range is stopping me, this product would be great otherwise.


no sweat

I really liked the concept of this powder, I was so excited to try this out. When I go out of the town (haha which is like once every 6 years) and I am dancing I get very sweaty and my make up melts. I thought if this product works then every girls problem would be solved! Sadly I was very disappointed with this product. Firstly the shade range is awful I think there is only 2 or 3 shades, I got the Ivory shade and I didn’t look inside because my previous experience with Primark powders has been great shade wise. This product was way way too dark for my skin tone, it oxidized as well which wasn’t a great experience for me as I wore it for my 21st birthday party and I nearly cried when I looked at the pictures. I used it on my mother and aunt along with the Knockout BB cream and it looked wonderful on them but I did notice a bit of movement of the powder through the night. I wouldn’t recommend this product, I would recommend their Ps Pressed powder for the same price.


shape up

This lip contour is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. It glides across your lips, it is so smooth and creamy. My lips feel amazing when I wear this, it is so pigmented. I really recommend this product, I have it in the shade ” Warm Up” it goes perfectly with my Ps Pro lipstick Boudoir Pink. It is long wearing. It is perfect in every sense.




This mascara is really black and that is why I love it so much. It adds much-needed volume and length to my baby lashes. I wouldn’t say it is long wearing because I noticed by the end of the day it starts to wear off and I don’t get that with my Maybelline Big Shot Mascara. I think it is amazing for the price.


Image result for ps work out eyeliner

I didn’t expect much from this product really as throughout the years I haven’t found affordable eyeliners to be pigmented and long lasting. I was right about this product, the application is smooth and I love that but it wasn’t very black. I would have to apply a couple of layers to get the colour pay off that I wanted to achieve. It also fades quickly.

There are more products in this collection which I have not purchased and I do not know if I will either due to the quality of the products I have tried. I love so many Primark beauty products and had such high hopes for this collection and I loved the concept of whole idea. Hopefully their next collection is way better.

If you want to find out about amazing Primark Beauty products please read my other blogs.



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