Accessorize Eye Wardrobe

Hello Everyone!

Everybody has that eye shadow palette from way back when, don’t know where they got it, how long they have it or one single thing about it. Well for me its my Accessorize Eye Wardrobe, it is probably 7 years past its use by date but my eyelids haven’t fallen off yet so I think I am okay.

It is the most pigmented, long lasting eyes shadow I have ever used and probably will ever use. It is just perfect in every single way possible. I really want to by another one because my Favourite gold colour which I use for highlighter is all gone and I am devastated. I actually don’t know where this post is going, am I reviewing it or asking for help to find another one? Maybe both. I need to find this brand and buy all their eye shadows. I am pretty sure I got it in a set with eyelashes and lip gloss.


Just look at how perfect those colours are, the browns are so rich, the purple pops and that gold just speaks to me on another level. It is the perfect shimmer palette for crazy colourful looks or a night on the town.

If anyone knows anything about this brand or knows where I can buy another one of these palettes let me know so I can buy 6 of them. Thank You.


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