FIT Me! Maybelline Matte + Poreless



Hello Everybody!

I had some money for once so I decided to buy a new foundation to try out. I purchased the FIT Me! Matte + Poreless for €11.99. I was looking for a foundation for oily skin types because I have been struggling with the oil on my nose, whenever I wear my Ps Pro Long Lasting Foundation it lasts ALL day on my skin except for my nose. I really put this foundation to the test by wearing it on a day trip where I knew I wouldn’t be able to powder my nose. I went to the Allianz Leauge Hurling Semi Final Wexford V Tipperary (we lost sadly), I would be out of the house 5 – 6 hours.

This foundation states that it mattifies and refines pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin. Matches your skin tone and texture. Has a natural seamless finish.

When I applied this foundation I just instantly fell in love. I have the shade 105 Natural Ivory, It has a yellow undertone which I should not have gotten but in the end it worked out well. It looked so natural, you could still see my freckles which I loved but it gave my skin a little boost. It made my skin look healthy and perfect, at the minute I have minimal texture so it just looked amazing. I honestly could not stop looking in the mirror at myself. I do have a dry forehead so I only put the smallest amount in that area as it is for normal to oily.

I applied the foundation at 1 pm and went off about my day. Never once did I feel the foundation on my skin, nor did I feel my nose getting oily. After about an hour of wearing any other foundation I can feel the oil, but not this time. I got home at 7 pm and my foundation on my nose had just started to get oily. I got 6 hours out of this foundation without having to top it up once, that is a major deal for me.

I am so impressed with this foundation, I would seriously recommend it!

I would rate this foundation:



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