Primark Hollographic Brush Set €8

When I was looking at the new Ps…Work Out collection online, I saw these beauties. It comes with five brushes, I don’t use the brushes for their initial purpose I use them for other uses.  I will say down below what the brushes are and what I use them for.


♥ Powder Brush – Powder brush

♥ Stippling Brush – Stippling brush

♥ Foundation Brush – Contour brush

♥ Buffing Brush – Blush brush

♥ Detailer Brush – Eyeliner/Eyebrow brush


I love this brush because it is so big, I love a big powder brush, reaches all the areas and gets the job done quick. The bristles are synthetic but are really sort.


I used this brush to apply powder most of the time on my dry areas such as my forehead because I feel like when I use this brush the powder doesn’t stick or cling to the dry patches. I also tried it as a foundation applicator and I didn’t really like it because it didn’t give me that flawless look I was after. I was left with a lot of lines on my face, I had to go over my foundation with my real techniques complexion sponge to blend everything out.


Holy Poo do I love this brush. I do not use this brush to apply foundation, I actually use this brush to contour. It has a slight taper to the top that fit nicely into the hollows of my cheek bones. I also use to apply bronzer, even though it has that slight taper, it is fluffy enough to blend out bronzer. I love brushes that can have two or three uses!


I use this brush to apply my blusher, it is similar to the foundation brush but just more compact in size and instead of a taper, the  brush is more dome shaped. This brush applies blush beautifully, the brush is the right size and shape for the apples of my cheek.


I have two uses for this brush, I like to use it to do my eyebrows and when I am going for a powder eyeliner look I use it for that too. It is small and flat so you are able to carefully place the powder where you want and you have control of what you are doing. If you don’t want to use it for these purposes you could even use it to spot conceal, carve out your eyebrows, apply highlighter to the brow bone and apply inner corner highlight. This little brush is so versatile its uses are endless.

I am in love with this brush set and I can’t recommend them enough plus they look beautiful on display!

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