Morphe Brushes

I have been watching makeup tutorials on YouTube for years, I watch Kathleen Lights, Desi Perkins and all those beautiful people. They are all using Morphe brushes and I thought oh they are something I could never own. I decided I was going to stop dreaming and go get some, I ordered mine off I was so surprised how cheap they were, today’s blog I will be reviewing the brushes that I have and what my experience has been with them. The quality of these brushes are second to none, they are amazing, they are so affordable which makes them the greatest brushes ever.



I have two uses for this brush, I use it to really define that crease, to give it a nice contour. I also use to apply eyeshadow to my lower lash line. It is tapered, so that pointed tip helps with detailing. This brush really helps with precise blending transition shades in the crease to give that gradient look. The bristles are goat hair which helps when you want that intense pigmentation. This brush is €6.30 on



This brush adds definition to the crease, because its bullet shaped it is easier to work in the small areas of the eye, I use this brush on the outer V of my eye and the outer crease to deepen the crease, I usually use darker colours when using this brush. This brush is €3.80 on



I just realized I got a few crease brushes, sitting here thinking maybe I should have branched out a bit more. This brush is beautiful, it blends everything so seamlessly. I like that it’s a bit thicker because I feel like I cover more area. These brushes are so so so soft. This brush is €4.44 on



This brush is kind of the fixer brush, its buffs away your mistakes. It helps blend the shadows together so you don’t get those hard lines. I use this brush first when I start my eyeshadow, I like this because you can place little product on it and set guidelines of what you want to achieve, if it doesn’t work out you just keep blending and it makes it all okay. This brush is €6.30 on

I am queen at making my makeup last all day but I am useless when it comes to eyeshadow, it just never turns out the way I want. But these brushes help make it look my eye has got it’s s**t together. I highly recommend these brushes, great quality for a great price. I only have 4 at the moment but I am ordering some more tomorrow!

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