Best Foundations for Pale Skin

I have struggled with trying to find the right shade for years. I would always buy the lightest shade but it would still be too dark.I would have to blend it down my neck but it just didn’t look natural, what 15 year old girl didn’t have that orange foundation line on her face?. I am naturally really pale, my dad says I’m a ghost, my boyfriend calls me a pasty b***h (all in good fun). I was going crazy trying all these different foundations to see what one suits best and I think at this stage I have really found the best foundations for paler skin.

♥ PS…Pro Longwear Foundation – Porcelain 00 €6 ♥


Holy Moly is this foundation pale! When I first tried this foundation I thought it was going to be dark and then oxidize and become even darker like most affordable foundations. Not this foundation, no way!. If you aren’t the palest of the pale I would not recommend this to you, if you are the same colour as a white sheet like I am then this foundation is for you. This foundation does not oxidize, it stays the same colour throughout the day.This is my favourite foundation ever.

♥ Revlon Colour Stay Foundation – Ivory €18.99  ♥


Revlon Colour Stay have a great range of shades for us paler people. It matches so well and looks beautiful on the skin. They have a dry/normal or combination/oily foundation. The two lightest colours are Ivory and Buff, I like to mix these two together to get a good match to my skin. I really love how this foundation looks on the skin.

♥ Mac Studio Fix Fluid – NW10 €31.50 ♥


I love this foundation, especially for a special event because I know it is going to come through for me. It matches with my skin perfectly and the fact they have a wide range on the paler side no matter if I tan a bit (hahaha I don’t) I will always have a shade to match me.

♥ L’Oreal True Match Foundation – Ivory €14.99


This foundation matches to your natural skin tone and texture to really make it look like your skin. They have so many shades whether you are pale with yellow or pink undertones, L’Oreal has got you covered. This has flew up on my list to near favourite.

♥ Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation – Ivory I’m Pure for Sure €37 ♥


This is a brightening foundation and it looks so natural, it has a light to medium coverage but is buildable. The shade matches me so perfectly with just one layer it looks like my natural skin. The ladies at the benefit counter are happy to colour test you!

I hope I was able to help you fellow pale skins out there! I know I struggled for years.

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