Favourite Real Techniques Brushes


Real Techniques are one of my favourite makeup brush brands, hands down. They are high quality and are affordable. Today I will talk you through my favourite ones 🙂 I will link all the brushes down below.


award  This brush is an award-winning brush and Real Techniques number 1 seller. I can’t put into words how much I love this brush. It is a buffing brush that creates a airbrush look without an effort.You can use it for cream or liquid foundations, I personally use it for liquid foundations. This brush retails for €8.29 on the Real Techniques website.


bThis brush is the mini version of the expert face brush, it blends out concealer beautifully. I use this to blend out the contour shades, under my cheek bones and the perimeter of my face. Only use a little bit of product because this brush doesn’t soak up that much product. This brush retails for €6.75 on the Real Techniques website.


kb.PNGThis is the first Real Techniques brush I ever purchased. I had just got into makeup and was watching Desi Perkins YouTube tutorials, she was using a foundation kabuki brush. Being the fan girl I am, I went on a search for a kabuki brush and saw this one.  This brush has been with me ever since, I have to bring it everywhere. You can retract it to fit the brush you need be it powder brush or contour brush. RT says you can use it for liquid and creams but I don’t think it looks nice with those, but when you use powder its beautiful. This brush retails for €9.21 on the real techniques website.


sha This was the first proper eye shadow brush I ever bought. The bristles are tapered which makes blending a lot easier, an even distribution of colour and gives you that Instagram smokey eye effect. This brush retails for €5.53 on the Real Techniques website. It is currently sold out at the minute due to high demand.


kepghfd.PNGI love this sponge, it is so light and bouncy and makes applying foundation so easy. I love the flat edge, it helps applying the foundation fast as you can cover more base. I use the precision tip to blend out concealer and foundation in hard to reach areas. This sponge retails for €5.79 on the Real Techniques website.


Expert Face: https://realtechniques.com/en/expert-face-brush/p/1411

Expert Concealer: https://realtechniques.com/en/expert-concealer-brush/p/1542

Retractable Kabuki: https://realtechniques.com/en/retractable-kabuki-brush/p/1418

Shading: https://realtechniques.com/en/shading-brush/p/1404

Miracle Complexion Sponge: https://realtechniques.com/en/miracle-complexion-sponge/p/1566

 For a more in-depth review go to https://www.reviews.com/makeup-brushes/


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