My Healthy Skin Routine Part 3

Hi Everybody! This is my third blog in the “My Healthy Skin Series”, today I will be talking about how I remove my make up. As you will begin to notice my make up removal routine is similar to how I remove texture and black heads. I basically use the same technique and products but sometimes I like to switch it up, there will be four new products today.


When I first go to take my make up off, I like to start with a make up removal wipe to get all the heavy duty make up off first. I have two favourite wipes one is very affordable and the other one is a bit more expensive.

♥ GARNIER Skin Naturals Cleansing Wipes €4.99 ♥

wipes 1.PNG

These are more “expensive wipes”but they are still affordable. I love these wipes, they are for normal to dry skin. What I love most is that you only have to use one wipe and it takes off all your make up. I don’t have to rub hard either just a gentle wipe, it’s nice for my skin since it is sensitive. There is 25 wipes inside, it is 20c per wipe. The wipes include cleansing milk and Rose Extract, feels amazing on your skin. A big plus is they smell amazing!

♥Ps…Love Your Skin – Cucumber Cleansing Wipes €1.50 ♥

These wipes are twin pack so you get 50 wipes for the price of €1.50. I like to use these when I am really on a budget, I have to use 2 – 3 wipes when I am taking my make up off but they don’t irritate my skin so I like to use them. I also don’t mind using more wipes because of the price and the amount I get.


After I take the heavy duty makeup off I like to go in with a micellar water. I like using a micellar water because it takes off all that hidden makeup you missed with the wipe, the one I use is for sensitive skin, it’s gentle on your skin but tough on dirt and makeup.

♥ GARNIER Micellar Cleaning Water €4.50  ♥


I like to use this micellar water because it is designed for sensitive skin, it is AMAZING at taking off make up. It leaves my face feeling so cool and fresh after I use it, my skin feels clean and hydrated. It also helps clean out impurities, so it helps with my skin texture. There is a water for all skin types. Usually the micellar water is €7.99 but I get mine in Primark so it only costs €4.50 and there is always an endless supply.


 I really need extra help when I have my Rimmel Waterproof ScandalEyes Gel Eyeliner and Ps…Work Out Waterproof mascara on. So I like to use a product that is for sure going to take it off, because I hate getting in the shower thinking I have taken all my makeup off and I get out and have panda eyes.

♥ Nivea Daily Essential Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover €4.99 ♥


This product is actually my mothers which I robbed out of her beauty basket ( Sorry Mam). I wear a lot more make up than her, she hardly wears it and I was struggling to take my eye makeup off  I said I would give it a go. I love this it really takes everything off, it has two phases there is oil in it that removes waterproof makeup and then an aqua phases which protects and cares for your eyelashes.


I really like making sure everything is out of my pores so they don’t clog or break out. So I go in with another facial wash/ cleanser to tie is all together.

♥ Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3- in – 1 Wash Off €2.50 ♥


I use this product when I am in the shower and use it as a facial wash. It removes impurities and re-energizes your skin. It is so gentle on the skin and smells amazing. This is the last product I use to remove my makeup.


Don’t feel like you have to do this every time you do your makeup. I don’t even do it all the time, this is for when I have time and when I am not tired. Sometimes I come home and I am so tired I just use a wipe and then do a proper clean the next day. You also don’t have to use such expensive products to achieve the same outcome, don’t feel embarrassed if you only use the affordable products, that’s all that I use.

**DISCLAIMER** This blog was not sponsored.

Thank You for reading and I hope I have helped you in some way and possibly introduced you to a new product.


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