Maybelline Super Stay 24H Setting Spray


Today I am going to be reviewing the Maybelline Superstay 24H setting spray. Maybelline states this setting spray extends both wear and freshness for a flawless look that lasts as if it was just applied.


I have had this product about a month now so I feel like I have a good grasp about how the product works, I have used if for nearly every makeup look this year. I have mixed reviews about this product, it is very annoying because I REALLY like how it makes my make up look and how long it makes it last for. On the down side there is one big thing that is making me not want to wear this anymore. I was forewarned about the downside of this product but I purchased it anyway just to see for myself, I have looked at other reviews online and they say the same as what I am about to. I purchased this product in Sam McCauleys pharmacy for €10.49 but I do believe you can get it cheaper in Primark.

♥ PROS ♥

This product really makes my foundation last, I can put my makeup on in the morning and it would be just like I applied it hours later. What I have been doing is applying my foundation, concealer and contour, then applying my setting spray before I set them with powders to really lock it together. Then I apply the rest of my makeup like normal and when I’m finished I go in again with the setting spray to make my makeup last but to also get rid of that powdery look. You can do this with any setting spray.


× CONS ×

This made me so disappointed, it was going so well until this happened. I was forewarned that this setting spray leaves white mark/dots on your face when you apply it. It didn’t happen to me when I first started using it so I thought they other people just got a bad batch but yesterday was just a terrible experience with it, I nearly had to take off all my makeup. When I applied the spray it went everywhere and behind it, it left a white/grey mess everywhere. It was all over my laptop my clothes and in my hair. Then on my face I had random dots of white all over. It was so clearly visible as well, I was lucky I have glasses so when I put them on it hid the dots.

I have read that a few other beauty bloggers have had the same problem.One of them said that you have to give it a really good shake each time before use to avoid the white dots, so on a day I am not going anywhere I might try this and see if it makes a difference. But for now I won’t be using it.

I would recommend the NYX Setting Spray, you can get it in a Matt of Dewy finish. I had it in the Dewy finish, it was beautiful and only cost €10.


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One thought on “Maybelline Super Stay 24H Setting Spray

  1. Farren says:

    Bought this the other day, haven’t had any problems yet but always shake it first. Had the W7 before and it didn’t last that long. €8.50 in Penney’s too ☺️

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