Dealz Makeup – The Make Up Gallery Review


I am obsessed with Dealz, literally obsessed. I love going in there and getting all my bodywashes, shampoos and sweeties there. I was walking around one day and spotted a Makeup stand, I was really excited to try a few things and see what they were like. As you all know I love finding really inexpensive makeup, so if this worked out I was on to a winner. The Dealz Make Up brand is called Make Up Gallery, it has a few hidden gems within its collection. 





I am so in love with this blusher. We didn’t get off on the right foot, but now we are best friends. When I first swatched this blush, I thought it was really chalky, I didn’t think that it would blend well with the rest of my makeup. It is such a beautiful blush when on, it sits beautifully on the skin. I was kind of glad that it wasn’t very pigmented as I got to build the colour up, rather than go in heavy-handed and have to start all over again. The blusher I have is in the shade Soft Blush 1, I keep checking to see if the three other shades are there but they are always sold out. There isn’t a strong smell like some of the other products, it has a soft talc smell. Of course all of these products retail for €1.50.




After trying the blusher I had such high hopes for the highlighter. I wasn’t convinced when I purchased it but I said I would bring it home try it out and give it a fair trial. It looked way to dark, there wasn’t a sheen to it just some random buts if glitter. The highlighting powder I have is the shade Pearl Shimmer. I think it is way too dark to be called pearl. It looks way to dark for my skin and it’s didn’t give me that warm fuzzy feeling highlighters usual give you, all I got was a dark strip of powder on my cheek.




This powder creates a smooth finish, it only comes in four shades. It is a nice powder, really soft to the touch. It doesn’t do well for my oily T-Zone but it looks beautiful on the rest of my face. I usually leave this powder in my handbag and use it to touch up when I am out and about. I have been using this powder for about a year now and I think for the price you can’t go wrong. Since it is only €1.50 I like to have a few around in case I lose one. I have the Translucent shade which matches amazingly with my PS…Pro Longwear Foundation.



I bought this product because I fell in love with the Latte shade. It wasn’t like anything else I had seen on the market in Wexford so I had to get it. The fun kind of stopped there though. There was a lack of pigmentation, it made my lips sting when I first put it on, I just wasn’t having a great time. With saying that the more I played around with it, the more I learned about it. It isn’t drying, makes you lips have the appearance of being matt when it is actually so mostuirising. The more I wore it the less it stung so I got to wear it a lot. I learned that if I put a layer of concealer on top of my lips before applying the product I get the colour pay off. Before you could see my natural lip colour through the lip colour. It is a very small bottle, I have only used it 4 or 5 times and it feels like the product is near the end of its days.


Overall, I am impressed with the quality of some of these products. They are definitely worth a try, just because some didn’t work for me that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. My favourite products are the blusher and the pressed powder. I would definitely buy more of these products and keep trying the out and at only €1.50 my bank account won’t mind.


I would love to read in the comments if anyone has tried any of these products or would like to recommend some of them to me.

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