My Healthy Skin Routine Part 1

For a long time I neglected my skin. I was breaking out, I had blocked pores and had so much texture on my cheeks. My problem was I wasn’t taking care of my skin, I wasn’t taking my makeup off before I went to bed, I wasn’t washing it properly. It was a mess.

My skin type has changed as I have gotten older, when I was a teenager I had dry and sensitive skin. Now I am in my early 20s and I have sensitive skin and an oily T-Zone. My Skin is sensitive to weather and hormones. I have different skin issues from time to time and today I am going to talk you through what I did to fix these issues.

My favourite skin care brand is Simple, I love them because their products don’t include any harsh chemicals, perfumes and colours that are harmful to your skin. You will find that most of the products are Simple.

I will be doing a few parts of my Skin Care Routine, they will be:

  • How I fixed my skin texture
  • How I get rid of black heads
  • How I take off my makeup
  • How I protect my skin from the sun
  • How I deal with sensitive skin

Todays Topic is:

♥ How I Fixed My Texture ♥

During the summer I had really bad texture on my neck, my cheeks and forehead. I always had it on my neck but it got really bad on the rest of my face, you could even see it through my makeup. I found out that I had blocked pores and this was what was causing my texture. I got blocked pores from wearing makeup everyday that I didn’t give my skin a break, I didn’t take my makeup off before bed and I wasn’t washing the makeup off properly. I haven’t completely gotten rid of the texture but I’m happy to say it’s almost gone. These are the steps I took to fix my skin:

1. Use Steam To Open Your Pores

Steam opens up your pores so you are able to clean out what is inside them. I remember my sister having a facial steamer when I was younger, since I did not have one of these I boiled water placed it in a bowl and I put a towel over my head. I would only do this once a week, if you do it anymore than that it can dry your skin out and your face would then produce more oil. Make sure to do this on a makeup free day and do a quick cleanse on your skin before had because if your face is dirty, when you are steaming the dirt might go into your pores.


2. Exfoliate

I exfoliate straight after the steaming because the pores are open,  I can get all the dirt and dead skin out. I use the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub, it’s a gentle scrub so it doesn’t hurt your face. As I have sensitive skin, if I have a harsh facial scrub I would hurt my face and it would go very red. I sometimes use my homemade facial scrub if I have bad skin texture and need a deep clean (how I make the scrub is in another blog) If you have sensitive skin like me you shouldn’t be exfoliating more than twice a week max as you can irritate your skin. If you have oily skin you can exfoliate more than that.



3.  Wash Your Face with Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash

I think this is one of the steps that has really helped me. Tea Tree Oil is so good for your skin, it evens out your skin tone, helps with blemishes and acne. It purifies your skin and my skin feels so clean after I use it. Don’t use it too much as it will dry out your skin. Since I started using this facial wash I can see my skin tone starting to even out. I used to have these really dark red patches on my checks but now they are a dull red and getting less noticeable the more I use this product. The days I don’t use the tea tree oil face wash I use the Simple Moisturizing face wash, it nourishes your skin and it feels so healthy and clean after.

4. Cleanse

I use the Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser, it removes the impurities that are left behind that you might not have gotten from washing and exfoliating. You really want to clean those pores out while they are open, so you want no dirt left behind. Cleansers also help when you are removing your makeup, with the same principles. My skin feels so fresh when I use this. Its my favourite part of my skin care routine. It’s nice and cool on my sensitive skin which will be red and hot at this stage.


5. Toner

I have two toners, the one I use when I am fixing my texture is Simple Kind to Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser. I like to use this product because it helps reduce the size of your pores so less dirt will get inside (well that’s what I like to think) It really tightens everything up, it has nutrients in it that feed your skin what it needs. I use toner twice a day when I am washing my face in the morning and when I am taking my makeup off before bed. The other toner I will talk about in my last blog in this series How I deal with Sensitive Skin.



  6. Moisturizing Cream

This is the last step. To round it all up I use my Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Day or Night Cream. I change the cream depending what time I do this deep clean. I don’t want to say much about this cream because it is more relevant for the How I protect my skin from the sun blog. You can use any moistuiser that suits your skin.

I know this seems like a lot of steps but this is a deep clean that you should only do once a week if you are having texture on your face. I have learned it is so important to take care of your skin because your skin is your largest organ and deserves to be looked after.

If you have any recommendations on how to fix textured skin please let me know in the comment section I love hearing other people’s Ideas. I hope this was helpful.


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