10 Amazing Penneys Beauty Products Under €5



1 Ps..Dark Under Eye Concealer €2

I tend to use this concealer to contour, I have two shades Light and Dark. I use the light shade to highlight my under eye area, down the bridge of my nose, under my cheek bones and the centre of my forehead. I use the shade dark for contour the perimeters of my face, the edges of my nose and to carve out my cheekbones. These concealers blend out so easily and if you want to look flawless but are on a budget these are your guys!

2 Ps..Pressed Powder €2.50

I own two of these compact powders, Light and Dark. I use this powder to set the concealer I mentioned above that I used to contour. The powder is so soft and isn’t chalky. I also use light to set my entire foundation.

Ps Pro Longwear Concealer.JPG

3 Ps Pro Long lasting Concealer  €3.50

I love this concealer, it is better than my NYX Green Concealer and is 3x cheaper! It blends out lovely with a Beauty Blender/ Real Techniques Complexion Sponge/Primark Foundation Sponge. It effortlessly covers my red problem areas and is a life saver when a surprise zit comes and visits.

Banana Powder.JPG

4 Ps Banana Powder €4

This powder is a dupe for the Ben Nye Banana powder, if you are anyway interested in makeup you know this is such a hard to get product. I was so excited to see it on the shelves of Penneys. I use it to bake my concealer so it stays in place all day. It has become one of my holy grails.

Smokey Eye Shadow brush.JPG

5 Ps..Smokey Eyeshadow Brush €1.50

I heard so many great things about the Ps Brush Collection so I was on the market for a new blending brush and I picked this one up. I tried it out and haven’t looked back since. It is way better that my Real Techniques blending brush. It blends eyeshadows beautifully and I think everyone needs to have one in their makeup collection. It is double ended so you get two brushes for the price of one. The second side if a definer brush, I use it to apply eyeshadow on my lower lash line.


6 Ps..BB Cream

I have personally never tried this cream but my friend did. It looked stunning on her skin. You couldn’t tell she was wearing any cosmetics, her skin looked so flawless and her skin tone looked so even. I would recommend this for people who don’t like wearing a lot of makeup but still want that extra confidence.

Illuminating Concealer.JPG

7 Ps.. Illuminating Concealer €3

This concealer is a dupe for the YSL Concealer, the packaging is very similar. It is a great concealer I would apply it over my concealer just at the edges where I would want the light to hit. The only negative thing I can say about this concealer is that you need to hit the pump a few times before the product comes out.

8. Ps..Love & Individual Eyelashes €1.50

These Eyelashes are greatest gift Penneys could give us. The most popular Love Eyelashes are Sultry and Natural. They are such beautiful eyelashes and when paired with Duo Glue they aren’t going anywhere. 2016 was the year of the individual Eyelashes, and these sold out everywhere. They are so popular and at one stage they were like fairy dust so hard to find. I was lucky. Most of the local Makeup Artist use them.


9. Ps..Lipstick €1.30

I am a nude lipstick girl and “Barely There” is my favourite lipstick from Penneys. It is so creamy and moisturising. I love how it smells and how it feels. I want to buy every shade there is!


  1. Ps..Blend & Cleanse €2.50

I was saving the best for last. Everyone that knows me knows how I feel about this product. IT IS EVERYTHING. I am obsessed with it, if you want to know more detail I have a full blog dedicated to it. It is always sold out now it has become so popular. It cleans everything with so much ease, it is so satisfying to watch. You need to buy it, NOW!


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