Mineral Magic JML – Review



I hope that all of you had an amazing Christmas surrounded by family like I had. For Christmas this year my brother was so thoughtful, he bought some affordable products for me to try and review for my blog. One of the products he got me was the Mineral Magic: Colour Correcting Skin Perfecting Mineral Make-Up powder and Brush set. Wow that was a mouth full.

This is a 3-1 product, it is a foundation and concealer with built in colour correctors. It states:

  • Micronised mineral powder
  • Full coverage with correctors and concealers
  • Matches your skin tone in moments
  • Fragrance free
  • Won’t get caught in wrinkles or creases

It only comes in two shades – Light/Medium and Dark. I have the Light/Medium. I want to put it out there that I haven’t tried this as a foundation yet, I am actually using it as a face powder to set my foundation. It is a very thin light product, I don’t feel like I have powder on my face, it doesn’t give that powdery effect that some face powders do. It really does give that full coverage look which I am always looking for, it doesn’t build up or look cakey. It hides any blemish I have, it makes me skin look flawless and airbrushed. I thought it looked a bit dark in the packaging but it matches my skin perfectly and gives me a radiant look.


It has 4 mineral colour correctors within the powder, they are:

  • Pink – Brightens pale complexions
  • Mint – Dulls redness and conceals skin discoloration
  • Lavender – Camouflages yellow and pallid skin
  • Yellow – Coverage for your under and over eye areas


It retails for just €11.99, within the set you get:

  • Mineral Powder 0.35oz/10g e
  • Professional Stubby Brush


I absolutely love this powder as a face powder, I will try it just as foundation someday but for now I will continue using it as I am. It really sets the foundation in place and it literally doesn’t move until I take it off before bed. I think I will forever be using this powder.

I will rate it:


It didn’t get a 5/5 as I still haven’t found a powder that stops the oil shining through on my nose.

If you know of any powders that are great for oily skin please comment down below. Please like,share and subscribe!

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