I Tinted My Own Eyebrows???

Hi everybody, I wanted to do something different for my blog today, something that we can all do at home and save some time and money. It’s not going to look as good as what a professional would do it but hey whats in the back pocket  at this time of year is what counts. So if you want to know how I got on then just keep reading!

I was gifted the tint I have from my Aunt so I don’t know the price but found a similar one in Boots for €13.95 which I will link at the end of the blog. You may think that is expensive for an eyebrow tint, I can get a brow wax and a tint for that price. Over time you will save money and if you are going to an event or can’t fit a day in to get your brows done, this is a serious time saver!

I did my own eyebrows but me being me never took a before picture. So with the help of my favourite Auntie we can show you some results.

**disclaimer** I am not a trained beautician, the skills I have learned are from my aunt who was present.



STEP 1: You should do a 24 hour patch test on a part of skin before you tint your brows just to make sure you aren’t allergic to the tint, usually behind the ear.

STEP 2: As a rule of thumb, you should tint before you wax, pluck or thread your eyebrows. The reason for this is because if you tint after you wax, pluck or thread your brows there is a risk that the dye will get into your pores and may cause an infection.

STEP 3: Follow the instructions on the package to know how to mix the dye etc. Make sure you don’t mix a lot of dye because a little goes a long way.

STEP 4: If you are fair: Literally put the dye on one brow and wipe it off straight away. Its easier to build up the colour than to take colour away.

The darker your hair the longer you leave the dye on, you can leave it on as long as 4-5 minutes. Follow the natural outline of your eyebrows or over line if you would like to give a thick appearance. Be neat with the application as the tint can dye the skin.

STEP 5:  Gently remove the dye with a wet cotton pad and voila, perfect eyebrows! They say that the dye should last 4-6 weeks but usually lasts for 2 weeks.



My beautiful auntie just wanted a soft natural dye, I made her eyebrows the tiniest bit thicker and filled in the gaps with dye. I also tinted her eyelashes for her! I was scared to do it on myself but it worked out great and I am so happy to do it again.

Once you learn how to do this, it’s the fastest and easiest thing to do! If you do decide to try this out I would love to see before and after pictures.

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