Won’t be using these again!

We all come across beauty products we don’t like from time to time. With some of these products I had such high expectations but got let down. Just because these products didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. These are the products I will not be using again!

l57458491. NYX HD CONCEALER – GREEN €8

As I have said in previous blogs I have rosey red cheeks, if I don’t wear makeup people always ask me ” you must be very warm” or say ” awh you are blushing”. Im 90% neither of them its just my natural face K? 🙂

I wanted to get a green concealer because the green will neutralize the red. I have used NYX products before so I thought this would keep up with their high standard of products. I was so wrong. It is very pigmented so it was really hard to blend into the skin. I would try work it in as hard as I could and do my usual foundation routine over it, you could still see the green concealer through my foundation. Definitely not using this again!



So this concealer brush claims that the angled cut brush provides precision application to camouflage skin imperfections and create a spotless base for any look.Use it with a liquid or cream concealer, or foundation for complete coverage. I bought this to go with my green concealer but I also tried using it with my Catrice camouflage concealer. In my opinion it doesn’t apply the concealer well, it looks like it is taking the concealer off. I generally like to use to my fingers to blend in concealer as I feel I get the best effect from it that way. I like to pat the concealer into my skin not brush it over it.

I do not like it as an under eye concealer but I do like it to apply my contour concealer.



I don’t have the most beautiful eyelashes so I turn to mascara to enhance what I already have. This mascara just didn’t do it for me, I feel like it clumps the lashes I do have (not many) together so It looks like I have 4 solid lashes. With saying that I do like the wand and the deep black colour it does add a little bit of volume, I just don’t like the clumpiness.

Overall I don’t hate many products because I like to give them a chance. I usually buy really affordable ones anyway so I tend not to complain because at these prices you can’t complain!

I would really like to hear your suggestions so please comment on what you would like for me to review next.

** I have created a snapchat so you guys can see the behind the scenes of me trying the products out and my blog writing process.

SNAPCHAT NAME: thecaoimheguide



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