Primark – Ps… Blend & Cleanse


Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to be reviewing this product for you, when I first purchased it I went around my house showing my family the before and after of my brushes and make-up sponge. I was like a crazy woman! Then I showed my Aunt and all her friends and told them to buy it.

I got a Real Techniques foundation sponge and no matter what I did with it, it never got clean. It shrank, went hard , smelled funny and just looked disgusting. I washed it with anti bacterial soap, baby shampoo, I got desperate and even threw it in the washing machine but nothing worked. Then I saw this in Primark and said hey it’s only €2.50 if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work but if it does then I will buy 100s of them.

I got home from work and instantly used it and it was truly amazing to see all that icky foundation come out and see my lovely bouncy orange sponge again. I think this would be perfect to put in a beauty hamper for your girlfriend/wife for Christmas or put it in your daughters stocking above the fireplace. It is truly a  magical piece of soap.

There is 28 g of product or Net Wt. 0.98 Oz and retails for €2.50.15540422_10211299922924266_787867720_o

This is the product inside it’s a little white bar of soap. Sorry mines a bit dirty I just use it all the time. Here is how I clean my brushes etc.

STEP 1: Wet what ever it is you want to wash be it a foundation sponge or brush.

STEP 2: Wet the bar of soap

STEP 3: Swirl the brush/sponge around on the soap

STEP 4: Rinse soap from brush/sponge

AND TADAAH you have beautifully clean make-up applicators.

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Caoimhe x


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