Penneys/Primark Make-up Review Part 1


Seeing as I failed out of college and I am only working a few hours in a retail job to save money to go back, I have quite a small budget so I love anything that comes at a low price. Everyone here in Ireland grew up with Penneys (Primark) and knows how affordable it is, almost all of my clothes are from there, so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard they were coming out with a beauty line.

As Penneys is an affordable brand and doesn’t have a great reputation for durability and long-lasting clothes I was a bit skeptical about the make up. It was only a few euro so if it didn’t work out it wasn’t going to break the bank.I picked up a few bits here and there and here is what I found out!

** I started out wanting to write a blog about all the items I purchased but if I did you would be reading forever, so today I am only reviewing the foundation. If you want to find out more you will have to read my next blog! 🙂



I was super excited when I saw these come into my local Penneys store, they were €6 per bottle with 32 ml or 1 US Fl. Oz. which is pretty average for your normal bottle of foundation. My Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation has 30ml or 1 US Fl. Oz which is €32 , so you are getting a hell of a bargain with PS Pro. There wasn’t a great colour range with it only consisting of 5 (4 pictured above) shades which is unacceptable.

The packaging is great, it is glass and is expensive looking. It also has a pump which I love because it is so much easier to get your foundation out.

Now for the actual foundation review. I am in the shade 00 Porcelain and I was excited to see that the porcelain shade was actually porcelain! It matches my skin tone perfectly and it’s not too dark unlike my Rimmel Match Perfection 100 ivory which is still too dark for me and I really have to blend it down my neck to make it work.

For me personally I think it is full coverage, I have lots of freckles on my face and this foundation covers them all which is my aim, I also have a very rosie face and it covers that too with no problem, I so was delighted with that because its a real insecurity of mine. On the bottle it says that it is a long wear foundation and I completely agree with that, I put it on in the morning before I go to work and it is still perfect when I get home. I do have to set it with a face powder as it is a sticky foundation.

I wouldn’t recommend it for users with oily skin, I have a very oily t-zone and the oil really likes to come through and give me a shine that I do not want. I have only tried it with the PS PRO miracle primer – Prep and prime, this only helps minimize pores, I will try it with the mattifiying primer and see if that works and will let you know in another blog. It would work really well for normal to dry skin types. It sits beautifully on the skin and gives a dewy look. You are able to layer it without it looking cakey.

I use two types of applicators depends on my mood or which ever is closer. I use my real techniques stippling brush or my real techniques foundation sponge and both work great.

This foundation is a real find and it will always be in my make up bag, I highly recommend it!

Please comment in the comment section what your opinions are of this foundation I would love to hear and leave your recommendations of any other product you would like me to review.

Caoimhe x




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