Setting Standards Baking Powder by Carter Beauty





Carter Beauty is a cosmetics company owned by Marissa Carter who also owns Cocoa Brown fake tan. This is marketed as a an affordable brand, they currently have 103 products available on the market with products ranging from €3.95 to €14.95.

I had never heard of Carter Beauty until seeing the products being promoted by local makeup artists Danielle Chin and Susan Ryan. I have had my make up done by both of these ladies and if they think these products are good, I am definitely going to give them a try.

The product I am going to be reviewing today is the “Setting Standards Baking Powder”. I am terrible when it comes to face powder it is something that I can’t logically allow myself to spend €40 on. I was in Sam McCauleys the other day looking to get a loose setting powder from either Catrice or Essence something cheap and sweet. They were all sold out and I saw the Carter Beauty display and decided to give the powder a try as it was only €4.95.

so whats it like


This powder comes in three shades: Banana, Natural and Translucent.

It weights 0.03oz which is average in the affordable make up range.

This powder is also cruelty free and vegan.

It is a mattifying powder, I wore it with the Estée Lauder double wear foundation and it was just a mess, as the double wear has a semi matte finish. I then tried it with the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable foundation and it worked perfectly, my foundation and concealer felt set without the cakey feeling you sometimes get with baking.

As well as mattifying the skin it also evens out the complexion, my skin felt soft and looked even. It does exactly what it is meant to do. It would suit oily and normal skin types perfectly but I would recommend that people with dry skin to use it lightly as it could cling on to your dry patches as any powder would.

I would recommend this product if you are on a budget and are looking for a new loose powder. It didn’t perform any different than any other loose powder I have used before, it didn’t wow me but it does the job it was made to do.






My First Shellac Nail Polish Experience


I am the worst when it comes to my nails, all I do is wash them and cut them. I hate having long nails, I don’t know why I just feel restricted in everyday tasks.

My sister was getting married and I was her bridesmaid so I had to get something done with my nails. I decided shellac was my best option because it would be on my own nails and they would be short.

What is Shellac?

Shellac is the brand name for the patent product created by Creative Nail Design (CND) it is a hybrid product of half nail polish and half gel. It is applied similarly to nail varnish and is cured by UV lighting just like Gels. It lasts up to 2 weeks.

My Experience

The Application

I did not have a great experience with my nail tech. I will not name the person or the place I went to. This was my first time getting anything done with my nails ever. I was very inexperienced, I did not know what shellac was or how it was applied, I was a complete newbie to the nail world.

First I was offered the colours and the ones I picked they did not have, that didn’t bother me. Then I told the nail tech that I wanted one nail to be glitter, they then told me I need to remind her which one was the glitter one or she would forget. I thought that is a bit weird but went with it. She was then applying the other polish and kept forgetting which nails she had painted, how many layers she had done and kept forgetting to turn on the UV Light machine. She kept asking me did I put a top coat on that nail, how many layers are on that nail. I was starting to get a bit annoyed at this stage as I was inexperienced I didn’t know how to apply shellac but she was asking me what she should know.

I was happy with the outcome don’t get me wrong I just was not happy with the level of service that I got.


Sorry for the blurry picture it is the only one I have.

The Removal

I went back to the place that I got the shellac to have it removed. I did not like the service I received then either, the nail tech that was doing the removal was paying no attention to me at all and was laughing and chatting to her fellow colleagues about what they were going to have for lunch that day and talking about other clients. I felt very uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

As she was so busy talking she only did a good job on one of my hands as she was alone when doing that one. I still had a lot of the shellac still on my other hand.

 I know a lot of you will say, why didn’t you just say something and remember I have never had my nails done before so this is all new to me. It was sad as it has turned me off going there again and it is supposed to be one of the best places to get your nails done.

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Kylie Cosmetics – Lip Kits & Singles


I have wanted a Kylie Lip Kit since the moment they were announced. I am a KarJenner mega fan, I have seen every episode you can test me! I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase one of her products because I didn’t know if this was a genuine project with genuine interest or it was just another way to make money.

As time went on it seems this is a really big dream of hers and by 2022 shes projected to be a billionaire due to the success of Kylie Cosmetics. Slowly she is releasing new products like concealers, highlighters and eye shadows, but today I am reviewing her lip products.

I was lucky enough for my birthday that my boyfriend allowed me to pick some products out from the Kylie Cosmetics website, the day I was ordering there was a special promotion on single liquid lips, so that is what I got. I am not a big matte lipstick wearer, I prefer a more creamy lipstick or gloss, I just don’t like that matte feeling but I decided to give these products a go and see what all the fuss was about.

1. Matte Liquid LipKit – 22


I chose this colour purely for the fact that it was called 22 and I was getting it for my 22nd birthday. 22 is a vibrant burnt orange shade and I actually hate this colour on me but it is absolutely gorgeous on my sister, when I saw her wear it I said I would try wear it again but with a different makeup look and different outfit.

Matte Liquid Lipstick

On the website it says that the matte liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a more comfortable emollient feeling that doesn’t dry out your lips, I find that after about 3 – 4 hours wear it starts to crumble on the side of the mouth area, I can feel flakes as if my lips are chapped. Although it feels that way, I do find it way more comfortable than the Wet n Wild  MegaLast Liquid Lip which is a complete disaster. I do find it long lasting and you can top it up without it feeling any different than the first application.When you eat the lipstick transfers to my chin and start to come off.

Lip Liner

The lip liner is amazing, it is so soft and literally glides across your lips with no effort or skill needed.


L. I am wearing Kristen R. My sister is wearing 22

2. Matte Liquid Lipstick Single – Kristen


When I was putting together my order I knew straight away I wanted Kristen. It’s Jaclyn Hills favourite so therefore it was mine! Kristen is a warm brown berry and it’s my favourite I always gravitate towards it, I prefer simple eyes but a darker lip. Everyone needs Kristen in their collection. It is the same formula as 22.

3. Matte Liquid Lipstick Single – Khlo$

Khlo$ is a cool yellow nude that I wear for an every day look. I think it is a bit too yellow for my complexion. I am not a big lipstick wearer in general so I think all lipsticks look weird on me.


All single matte liquid lips retail for $17 or roughly €15 which is actually average for a liquid lipstick.

I did have trouble when ordering the lipsticks as they got lost in the system before reaching me, it had taken nearly 3 weeks for me to get the products. I did not find customer service very helpful and I have to keep emailing until finally one of them could tell me that the products were lost and they could either send me the products again or refund me the price of the lipsticks which would not include delivery or customs. I decided to get the products sent to me again and arrived a few days later.

The question is now, would I recommend them. I personally do not wear them often and probably would not repurchase them as I am not a fan of matte lipsticks. I would recommend them to matte liquid lipstick wearers. I want to try some more of her products to see what the brand is like as a whole.

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Lipstick & Pencil Duo LUNA by Lisa Jordan


I was given the Lipstick & Pencil Duo in the shade Morganite for Christmas (Thank you Áine) which retail for €19. I had heard of LUNA by Lisa Jordan but I had never tried it, so I was excited when I got it. I was also very happy when I learned that the product is not tested on animals.

In Autumn/Winter I have very chapped dry lips and I have to stop using matte liquid lipstick because it clings to the dry patches and feels so uncomfortable so it was nice to see someone release a nice creamy lipstick. The formula has natural oils that nourish the lips, it is so comfortable on the lips and glides on like a dream which helps with my dry patches.

Luna By Lisa Lipstick and Pencil Duos 1

Photo Credit: LovelyGirlieBits

There are four sets in the collection and each set has a lipstick and matching lip pencil, I have the shade Morganite which is a deep pink nude and the liner is a tad bit darker than the lipstick itself. The packaging is white and rose gold which is very on trend. What I love most about the packaging is that the lids have a soft magnetic close which I have never experienced with a lipstick before. It just looks so effortlessly perfect and simple.

Luna By Lisa Lipstick and Pencil Duo - Morganite swatch

Photo Credit: LovelyGirlieBits


I was nervous when I saw the lip liner as it had a sharp point and it looked dry and like it was going to drag across my lips. I am used to the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liners which feel like lipsticks and are so soft. I applied it and was surprised when it felt very smooth and soft, it did not tug on my lips.

I am seriously in love with this lipstick and I am so excited to buy more products from the LUNA by Lisa Jordan line.

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Estée Lauder – ‘Double Wear’ stay in place Foundation



Estée Lauder claims that the ‘Double Wear’ foundation is a longwearing foundation with 15 hours staying power. Looks flawless and natural. Lasts through heat and humidity and non-stop activity. Won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable. Provides medium to buildable coverage. For a look that lasts all day, without touch ups.

♥ 30 ml volume

♥ Lasts for 15 hours

♥ Medium/ build-able coverage

♥ Natural/ Semi Matte finish

♥ SPF 10

This foundation is more on the pricey side that I generally do not go for, as I have a drug store budget. Lucky for me I was able to use my sisters as a tester before I purchased my own. It retails for €40.00, mine was purchased at Sam McCauley Chemist Wexford. The foundation has an incredible shade range of 61 foundations.

♥ The Wear Test ♥

I wore this foundation for Christmas Day and St Stephens day which are pretty big tests. It would have to go through kisses, hugs, laying down, food and drink.

I had never used this foundation before, I didn’t know how it would apply on my skin or how it would wear. I applied the foundation using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush , I have been using brushes to apply foundations lately as I think it is wear quicker to blend out. I use the brush as I would use a foundation sponge, I pat the brush up and down I do not swipe it across the face. The consistency of the foundation is thick but watery at the same time and it also dries quiet quickly.

The foundation blended so easily and looked amazing on my skin, it was full coverage but did not feel like a full coverage foundation. I usually only wear light wear foundation as I hate how thick heavy foundations feel on my skin, I want to wear makeup without feeling like I am wearing makeup and I did not have that problem with the double wear foundation. It set as a semi matte, I felt like it wasn’t going anywhere but it also wasn’t too matte where I felt so dry and like I couldn’t move my face.

I set the foundation with a loose translucent powder, I have a very oily t-zone I always have problems with my nose and chin area. I never had to blot or reapply powder once throughout the day, it stayed matte.


The shade I used was 1N2 which was a tad bit too dark me I could have went a shade lighter but I blended it down my neck and it was fine. 1N2 is neutral but with double wear foundations neutral can run a bit peachy but it wasn’t a problem for me.

I applied the foundation in the morning and wore it for about 8 hours and when I was about to take it off it still looked like I just applied. I was incredibly impressed with this foundation, I ate so much food, had an abundance of drinks and hugged many people and the foundation stayed put.

My favourite part was that the foundation did not transfer on to my clothes, I wore a black turtle neck and it stayed perfectly clean.

If you are looking for a high-end foundation that performs well, will last all day and looks amazing I would highly recommend this foundation. I am buying it myself tomorrow with a voucher I got and money off coupon!

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How I lost 12 lbs from ditching Fizzy Drinks

This story I am about to share with you guys is one I am kind of excited to share, it wasn’t something I had planned it just kind of happened without me realizing it.

My addiction started when I was a teenager, yes it was an addiction and I will explain that further on in the blog. It began as a an occasional 2L bottle of coke shared among my family at dinner, it then went from occasional to a daily occurrence. We would all scavenge together €2.20 for a bottle of coke because it wasn’t dinner without it.

My parents slowly started to realize what was happening that we were drinking way too much and initiated a coke ban in the house, no one was allowed bring coca-cola into the house unless it was a special occasion. That did not stop me, not one bit. I was at my worst when I went to to college, I would have a can or 2 a day because they were only €1 and I lived right across from a petrol station who had an endless stock of my favourite liquid.

I noticed it was a problem when I wouldn’t have one all day and I started to get on edge and would literally be dying for a can of coke and once I got it and had my first mouthful I could feel my body relax and this pleasure set in. I knew that something wasn’t right. I would try go cold turkey and give it up all  together and I would last 3 or 4 days and I would give in to the headaches and the ache, the want that was in me that just wouldn’t go away. I then started to gain weight, nothing crazy at first just slowly adding a pound here and there. I thought it was the freshmen 14 , I was warned of it and thought oh its just that.


At my heaviest 12 st 13 lbs – January 2018

Then when I finished college and started working the weight really pilled on, I was 10 stone when I was 18 and I was 12 stone 13 lbs at my heaviest. I had more money, I work in a shop so I kept drinking more and more coke.

Then in March 2018 I was sick of it, I was sick that I was controlled by a drink and decided that I was giving up, I was getting clean. The withdraws hit me hard it was painful, I had to dig deep and connect with my self control again. The headaches were the worst, I would have to lay down in bed at times in the fetal position talking to myself saying it will be okay I just have to get through the day and I would be okay.

After the first week it got easier and then by the third week I thought okay I can do this. I started to notice that my face was not as round and the pouch around my stomach started to get smaller and so I decided to weigh myself and I had lost 7 lbs. It was the push I needed that let me know I was going in the right direction. It wasn’t easy and there was a few relapses I’m not going to lie to you, I wasn’t perfect but I kept going.


Don’t mind me I look rough, I hadn’t bushed my hair yet! 7 lbs down

2 months later and I can proudly say I have lost a total of 12 lbs since giving up drinking coke. I am only able to say that I am 4 days clean but hey there will be a few mistakes along the way but I will get there in the end. I started this to stop my addiction but ended up losing weight. I am truly the happiest I have been in years when it comes to my body. It has ignited the spark of motivation in me to keep going. Trust me if I can do it so can you.  I will hopefully keep you guys updated on my progress as I go.



Me today! 12 st 1 lbs – 12 lbs lighter


| Where I Buy My Makeup |

Hey guys welcome back to another blog! 🙂

I watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube and when I say a lot I mean 10+ videos a day and with watching that many videos a day, there is a lot of makeup I want to buy.I live in Ireland and our makeup choices are limited, we don’t have brands like Too Faced, Tarte, Makeup Forever Etc so we have to source most of our makeup online.

With saying that there are a few brands we can get here, the big brands such as MAC, Charlotte Tilbury and Huda Beauty mostly reside in Dublin which is a 2 and half hour journey for me, I can mostly only get drugstore products here in Wexford,.  Today I am going to be sharing with you where I buy my makeup, there are so many but I am going to only be naming a few!



My favourite place to buy makeup is Beauty Bay, they sell brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe and Dose of Colors. All the brands I want to use but can’t get here in Ireland. I have ordered from Beauty Bay so many times and I trust this site a considerable amount, my orders are always correct and quick to arrive. I have gotten my Jaclyn Hill Palette, Morphe Brushes and LA Girl concealers from here. If you live in Ireland like me this has to be your go to beauty paradise.

Beauty Bay


Cult Beauty is a site I have windowed shop on but have never actually ordered from. This site was actually recommended to me by Stephanie Lange, I asked her where did she buy the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation and she said she buys most of her makeup off Cult Beauty as they deliver to Ireland. So if it’s good for Stephanie Lange it’s an instant hit with me. This beauty site sells the likes of Too Faced, Becca and Lime Crime. I can’t wait until the summer when I get a bit of money together and buy a massive haul on this website.

Cult Beauty
Stephanie Lange:



I don’t know if I should include Kylie Cosmetics in this blog but I technically did purchase products online from her so…. I’m not going into too much detail because this brand is getting a whole blog to itself once the products arrive. Been waiting a month so I am guessing you know how that blog will go.

Kylie Cosmetics




This is one of my go to places to browse/buy makeup, they supply mostly drug store makeup like Catrice, NYX, Essence and Makeup Revolution but do provide some big brands like Stilla, Elizabeth Arden, Benefit and Estée Lauder. It is a nice mix of both worlds with some middle tiered brands too.

Sam McCauley Chemists



This store does not provide as many brands as Sam McCauleys does but does offer a few different ones like Guerlain and Shiseido. Sam McCauley isn’t a nationwide range of stores it’s only for the South East but Shaws is more nationwide.

These are the places I mostly buy my makeup in Wexford, I could honestly go on forever but I thought this blog was getting a bit long If you want to know more places in Ireland where I purchase makeup and are interested in part II please like this blog! x



Small Fashion Nova Haul

Welcome back for another blog! 🙂 ** Sorry for the delay on this blog, Ireland just had a crazy snow storm and I didn’t have electricity so this blog is only going up no**

I am genuinely so excited to write this post, I have waited 2 weeks for this delivery. I am sure you have heard of Fashion Nova from all the major beauty gurus and celebrities, I really wanted to see if the clothes really lived up to the major hype it was getting. The product I have heard most about is their jeans, they are meant to be an amazing fit for women of all sizes. I have unfortunately put on some weight in the past 18 months (slowly losing it yay) and it’s been hard to find jeans that are tight fitting but don’t give me a muffin top. I don’t feel attractive in jeans anymore so I was glad to put Fashion Nova to the test.


Fashion Nova is all about giving women confidence, making them feel incredible about their bodies. They are based in Downtown LA but delivery to so many countries around the world and luckily for me they actually deliver to Ireland!

I was nervous about sizes because in Ireland I fluctuate between a size 12/14 depending where I am buying clothes and I didn’t know anything about American sizes. I thought I would start off light and just buy 2 pairs of jeans and 2 hoodies.

1.  Keep It Simple Hoodie – Grey $13.98/€11.35


I got this hoodie in a size large, it is a nice fit a bit baggy in the stomach area but I always need a bigger size because of my boobs. I love this hoodie it is amazing quality, it is nice and soft on the inside. It is a thick hoodie so perfect for me this time of year in Ireland. The colour looks like a light grey on the website but is actually a small bit darker, nothing to complain about. I have worn this hoodie quite a bit and it is baubling in the armpit area but that’s because I am wearing in 24/7. I think it is an amazing price, I can get the same priced hoodie in Penneys/Primark and the quality is 0 compared to this. It is 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton, you can pair it with the matching joggers. * Currently on sale for $10.97/€8.97 *

2. Everyday Classic Hoodie – Burgundy $14.99/ €12.17


I also got this hoodie in a size Large and I am glad I did, it is a lighter more tight fitting hoodie. I can’t wear it this time of year as it is currently too cold but will be perfect for April/May time when it is getting warmer but I still need an extra layer. The quality of these clothes are great, they wear and wash well.  57% Cotton 38% Polyester 5% Spandex.

3. Get It Right Back Ankle Jeans – Medium Rise Blue Wash $29.99/€24.35



These jeans are a stretch mid rise blue wash jeans with large knee destruction. I got them in a US Size 11 or UK Size 14 with a 26 inch Inseam. Holy Cow these jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. They are tight but so stretchy that you don’t feel like you are wearing them. I put them to the test by wearing them to see Black Panther in the cinema. My usual jeans will start to annoy me half way through the movie digging into my stomach but these jeans it felt like I was wearing tracksuit bottoms. As a slightly bigger girl I know how hard it is to find jeans that fit like you want them, you can forget going to Penneys/Primark I am telling you now stop buying your jeans there and buy them on Fashion Nova. Yes they may be a bit more expensive but they do last so much longer and you will look way better and feel so much better wearing them. * Currently on sale for $15.97/€12.75 *

4. San Antonio Distressed Jeans – Medium Blue $19.99/€16.23


I have never bought high rise/ high waisted jeans, I have always thought they were for skinny girls because they never fit me right. I was very reluctant to buy these jeans with that mindset. I got these jeans in a US Size 11 or UK 14. These jeans are stretch skinny with a distressed and whiskered front and a 31 inch inseam. 80% Cotton 15% Polyester 5% Spandex. I like these jeans, the fit me nice and snug and come up a bit below my breast area a bit too high for me. I do like how they make me seem like I do have some sort of waist and how the snatch me in as well. I think I would be confident enough to wear these jeans with some sort of crop top so that is progress for me. They are a great quality along the lines with top shop.



I highly recommend this website for clothes they are reliable and fast enough shipping for Ireland.  They always either have a discount code for customers or have sales on. When I was purchasing this order I got a 20% discount which got me $13.78 off my entire order. If you are shipping to Ireland it will cost you $10.00 or €8.12.

If you are a big girl looking for a perfect fit please consider ordering these clothes, they fit amazing and their styles are on trend. They got from a size 4- 30 Uk Size.

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NOTE – Luminous Moisturizing Foundation


Another foundation review today! 🙂

I have never heard of this foundation or brand until my boyfriends sister recommended it to me. She said that the NOTE Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation is a dupe for the Inglot HD Cover up Foundation, with an incredible price difference of €20 I couldn’t resist. ( all products are linked at the end )

♥ Shade Matching ♥


L. Freshly Applied R. Applied 5 minutes before

I went into Sam McCauley’s in Wexford Town to Shade Match myself to a foundation, it was a horrible experience for me. There is only 7 shades in the whole range and only 3 of them were available on the stand so I didn’t really have much to play with. I am usually the lightest shade that brands have available, so I tried the shade 1 on my jaw line and it wasn’t my shade but it wasn’t too dark that I couldn’t work with it either. I knew that I had to walk outside and see what the foundation looked like in the natural sun light and it seemed okay. I really wanted to try this foundation out so I bought the lightest shad even if it was too dark. I didn’t want to buy the Mattifying one as my skin is mostly dry, especially my forehead and between my eyebrows.

Instead I got the Luminous Mosturizing Foundation, which retails for €9.95. I couldn’t wait to get home and try on the foundation. On the car ride home I noticed the foundation had oxidized at least 2 shades darker. The foundation that was already dark on me is now even darker, I started to panic.

♥ The Foundation ♥

The brand states that the Luminous Moisturizing Foundation protects and balances your skin tone with a natural coverage that lasts all day long. It highly moisturizes your skin thanks to Sweet Almond Oil with antioxidant features and Macadamia Oil that contains essential acids and has SPF 15.

I applied this foundation like I would with any foundation I have.

  1.  E45 Moisturizing Lotion
  2. Primers – Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser & Primark Ps Pro Mattifying Primer.
  3. Apply foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
  4. Concealer – Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer
  5. Set with Primark Pressed Powder


This foundation did not apply well at all, usually my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush gives me a flawless finish with every other foundation I have used. With this foundation it was streaky and sat on top of my skin, didn’t blend in effortlessly with my skin. The consistency and wear reminds me of Primark PS Pro Long Wear Foundation. The coverage was there as you would want from a thick foundation. The shade started off a bit yellow and then turned orange. My skin is not as dry as it used to be because of the E45 cream but this foundation found every bit of my dry skin and clung to my peach fuzz. It showed off my blackheads on my nose like a face mask would. I could feel this foundation on my face the entire time I wore it, it was heavy and I could feel it moving.

I would not say it lasts long as after and hour or two the oil on my nose is showing and because the product is moving around so much it irritates me and I have to take it off.

There is 35ml of foundation but it won’t last long because the amount of product I need to use to get it to blend down my neck.

I do not recommend this foundation and will not be repurchasing.


This is me wearing the foundation

♥ Products Used ♥

NOTE – Luminous Moisturizing Foundation

NOTE – Mattifying Extreme Wear Foundation

Inglot Cosmetics HD Perfect Cover Up Foundation

E45 Moisturizing Lotion(33% off)

Primark PS Pro Mattifying Primer,R35397119154911

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Lightweight Primer

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Liquid Camouflage – High Coverage Concealer

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation


Welcome back to another blog!

As you can tell by the title I have a new favourite every day foundation. It is the most light weight foundation I have ever tried,it is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish. I heard about this foundation on a Irish TV program called Ireland AM and the woman who had a beauty segment recommended this foundation for those makeup wearers who hate a heavy thick foundation. I instantly went straight to Sam McCauleys because I needed this foundation. I hate heavy thick foundation that you can feel moving around your face, it distracts me all day, it makes me feel disgusting. I wanted a light weight foundation with a good medium coverage, not to oily and not too matte.

It is a very breathable foundation, it is not cakey at all and sits nicely on the skin. It is build-able, I like to put on two layers because one layer is just too sheer for me as I have basically red tomato skin.



I loved the doe foot applicator reminds me of a bigger version of the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, it wouldn’t be great for makeup artists as it would not be hygienic. I found it strange in the beginning because I usually like to apply foundation on to the back of my hand first and then dipping my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge into the foundation. With this applicator I just applying the foundations by dotting the foundation mostly in the center of my face and then blending outwards.

Shade & Wear


Looking at that shade range it is very bad, not very diverse. The first 10 look the exact same with a few tan shade and just one darker shade. That is a very big issue within the drug store brands is their shade diversity it could be 10 times better. I purchased the Shade 010 Light Porcelain, I am usually the lightest shade in every foundation, It is a bit too dark for me that I have to blend it down my neck but I have to do this with nearly every drug store foundation so I don’t matter to me.

The foundation sits perfectly on the skin, it’s so moisturizing for the dry sections of my face. It is very build able as I apply 2 layers every time and it still looks perfect. The longevity of this foundation is amazing, the only issue I have is with my nose but when prepped and set correctly I could get 3 hours without having to powder my nose.  After wearing it all day the rest of my face is still perfect, whenever I wear this foundation everyone always compliments me on it, I recommended it to all my family and friends and a few of them have got it.  The picture below is me wearing the foundation.



I purchased this foundation when it was on promotion. I got it for I think €7.50 and the normal price is €11.50. I highly recommend you buying this foundation and trying it out for yourself!

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