Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette


Happy New Year! I can not believe it is 2018 already, I swear it was just 2008 yesterday..

Today I am going to be reviewing the famous Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette. You do not understand how excited I am to type that! I have been waiting for this palette since it was first announced. It was very hard to get a hold of as it kept selling out every time I tried to buy it BUT I finally got it for Christmas. All I can say about this palette is  tá sé go hálainn.



Price : €45 ( Beauty Bay – Currently Out of Stock )


This was a product manufactured by Morphe but designed and created in collaboration with YouTube Star Jaclyn Hill, who had 100% creative freedom. It took them 2 full years to create the perfect palette. This is not your ordinary eyeshadow palette, it never would be because of Jaclyn duh!. It has a total of 35 eyeshadows that were each created to be highly pigmented, to have the most amazing colour pay off, blend-ability and longevity.  These 35 shadows consist of Mattes, foils, shimmers, satins and glitters.




The Palette is inside a unit carton that has a message on the back from Jaclyn briefly discussing that this palette is her dream come true and what to expect from it. You open the carton and your palette is safely wrapped up in bubble wrap.

When you open the palette there is a message ” This Palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers. “

It is made out of cardboard not the usual hard plastic of your normal Morphe Palettes. I wish the part where she wrote the message was just a tad bit more fancier. Some people wanted a mirror but who really uses the mirrors on their eyeshadow palettes??

There should be a piece of card with all the names of the shadows on it which I did not receive unfortunately but I have read online that many others did not receive it either. Overall I think it is  simple packaging of matte white and metallic silver, could have been better but then again Morphe is an affordable brand, if the packaging was greater quality you would be paying a great price for it.



I personally think it is the only palette you ever need it your life. It has neutral tones for every day looks, your transition colours, it has the out there colours for your creative days and then dark colours for night-time. The colour selection is phenomenal.

There is very minimal amount of fall out with these products, not much kickback depending on certain brushes but definitely the best product out there for fallout and kickback.  They are SUPER pigmented, a small amount goes along way! I like to use my finger when applying the shimmers/foils/glitters. It is the most blend-able creamy eyeshadows I have hands down ever used, they are just a dream to work with.

I truly believe she made the perfect palette, you will have it forever because of the 1″ pan. I haven’t touched another palette since I got it, everything I need is right there.

My go to look using this palette are:

Upper Crease: Silk Creme

Middle Crease: MFEO

Lower Crease: Pooter

Outer V: Mocha & Chip

Centre of Lid: Obsessed

♥ Price ♥

Amount €45 + Shipping

I think that is a very reasonable price for an eyeshadow palette with 35 colours. It is €20 more than the original Morphe Palettes but you have to think about it for a second and realize that they aren’t all mattes or mattes and shimmers, there are 5 types of eyeshadow in there which is different ingredients and methods plus its Jaclyn F*****g Hill! It could be €100 and I would still pay it!


  5/5 and I couldn’t give any lower, not in a life time. She is my idol and I have been following her for years so this is more than just an eyeshadow palette to me, it’s sentimental it is like I have a part of her with me and makes her more real. I cried when I got this palette and I wouldn’t touch it for so long because I didn’t want to ruin it, I am going to purchase another one soon just to have as a keep sake. GO BUY IT WHEN ITS BACK IN STOCK, SERIOUSLY DO IT!


My next blog will be about my new go to foundation!

Bye x



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BH Cosmetics X Carli Bybel Palette

Front Palette


I have been following Carli Bybel on YouTube and Instagram for a few years now, so you can just imagine my excitement when I found out that her collaboration palette with BH Cosmetics was being sold in my town. I was lucky enough that an old friend of mine (shout out to Emma 🙂 ) worked in the pharmacy that it was being sold and she told me as soon as they came in.

Inside with mirror

This palette consists of 14 eye-shadows and highlighters, all extremely pigmented. There are 5 matte eye-shadows and 5 shimmer eye-shadows. I was drawn to this palette not just because it was a collaboration with Carli Bybel but because of the shades they shadows come in. I am not a very adventurous when it comes to eye make up, I like everyday colours that can be changed to night time with a touch of shimmer and that is exactly what this palette offers. The highlighters are truly beautiful, my favourite highlighter and the one that compliments my skin tone is the very first lightest pink shade (I have nearly hit pan at this stage).



I find this palette so easy to work with as I am the worst at eye makeup, I am able to create very easy simple eye looks for everyday wear. The only downside is that there is quite a lot of fall out when using these shadows, I would recommend applying these shadows before your face makeup and to tap the brush before application to get an excess powder off. The shadows are very smooth and very easy to blend. The pigmentation did not come to play, it is amazing, a small amount of product goes a long way especially when it comes to the shimmers ( can be chalky at times).


The price point for this palette is at the cheaper end of the spectrum, I think I paid €21.50 which for the amount of product you get and the pigmentation it’s a very reasonable price. Overall I love this palette, it is a big part of my makeup routine, I use the first shade to set my Mac Soft Ochre paint pot, the third shade the deepen the crease and I use the last shadow to fill in my eyebrows. It is a very very well loved palette. You can make simple day time looks with the brighter shades and a more smokey eye with the plum/brown shades.

Its a big 4.5/5 from me 😀 x

Ps Havana Collection


Hi Darlings,

I know it has been a year and a day since I last uploaded but my motivation comes in droves. Once I have it, I am all go everything gets done. When I don’t have it I am a slob on the couch watching Sons Of Anarchy like I have done the past 3 weeks. I haven’t been completely lazy, I filmed 2 two make up videos, 1 was a review of the Ps Silicone Sponges and the other was a simple workday makeup. Lets say I have self-esteem issues and the videos didn’t make the cut.

So today I am going to be talking about my favourite collection from Penneys makeup.. THE HAVANA COLLECTION. I feel like this makeup has been sent from the makeup gods. When I first seen it I feel to me knees and prayed for such perfection ( little bit of a slight exaggeration) I just did a few swatches on Snapchat and I uploaded the video to Facebook and here we are 11,000 views later. As a result of that success I did a giveaway of the collection which 3 lucky ladies have won.

Now down to business.

I originally thought that the Havana Collection was just makeup, but I was wrong. It is the whole tropical theme throughout the store ranging from Makeup, homeware and clothing.  I have bought a few items from the collecction:

  1. Havana Face Palette
  2. Havana Eye Palette
  3. Havana Metallic Eye Cream
  4. Havana Lip Lacquer


Havana Face Palette €6

This was the first thing I purchased, when I opened it and swatched it, I instantly fell in deep love with this palette. There is a highlighter, a bronzer highlight, contour and blush. They have serious pigmentation, so creamy and long- lasting.

The highlighter is golden and might not suit a paler skin tone, this includes me but I love it so much I wear it anyway. All the colours just blend so beautifully together.


Since the product is so pigmented, I would advise a soft light hand when it comes to the blush and contour. I go to town with the highlighter, but who doesn’t? It is a beautiful palette and I seriously recommend it.

2. Havana Eye Shadow Palette €6


This eye shadow palette is just like the face palette. Full of beautiful tropical colours. They are easily blend-able, and build-able. It has perfect colours for anyone looking for an out there look or a simple everyday look.

Ps… eye-shadows never really swatch well , but swatches aren’t everything. They blow me away when I apply them, they seem chalky and patchy when you swatch them, but when  I apply it on my lid,  the pigmentation is definitely there and is definitely not patchy!

3. Havana Metallic Eye Cream €2

OMG these cream eye-shadows give me life! They are just so beautiful. The way that I use them is if I am doing a halo eye look and need that extra umph I apply a little bit of one of these shades to the centre of my eye and set it with a high lighter that matches or an eye-shadow that matches. Another use I have for it is, I love a good inner corner highlight so I apply this cream eye-shadow and set it with the highlighter in the face palette and it stays there all day, all night and the next day. There are 4 shades but I only have 3.

The green is not the greatest, it is patchy but with an extra layer the patchiness goes away. With these cream eye-shadows a little goes along way.


4. Havana Lip Lacquer €2.50


These lip lacquers was a weird test for me, I thought they would dry because when I first applied it I though oh this is going to be matte. It never dried, it stayed sticky. They rub off on everything, so if you touched your hand of your lips it would rub off. But it is also very hard to remove, I don’t actually know what I think of this product yet.


Overall this collection is A1 for me, there is pigmentation, long wear and the look for high end brands with a low price tag.


Primark SS17

I have been totally blown away by Primark SS17. The style is on point with the fashion trends, couple of years ago Primark was always behind on trends but now seems to be ready and waiting this year. They are even starting some new trends!

I am obsessed with the clothes and the price that comes with it. I just wanted to share with you the clothes that I have seen that have been selling like crazy and maybe you will pick up some bits for yourself. This kind of blog is a little out of my comfort zone because my style is comfort. I am trying to break my mold this year and maybe you should too. I have always been careful with what I wear, I tend to always lean to baggy clothes because I am not comfortable with the shape of my body. 2017 is my year to be better and I am starting with some of these pieces.

#Trend 1 – Grunge / Rock

I have noticed a big increase in band t-shirts and more grunge clothes that are very 90s esque. Bring it on, I am all for it my teenage me is screaming out for it. When I was 15 all I wore was black jeans, band Ts and plaid shirts. Lucky for me it’s very in at the minute. They are selling fast and you will soon see 14 year old girls wearing Van Halen merch and not know who they are. Absolutely loving this style.

#Trend 2 – Insta Girl

Admit it, we all want to be those beautiful Instagram girls with the perfect makeup and those to die for bodies in their athleisure. Primark has picked up on that and has graced us with their products. The products have two purposes 1) for exercising 2) Style.


#Trend 3 – Ruffles

I love this trend I think it adds a much needed touch to some of the more mono style dresses. I have seen it on dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits and tops.



#Trend – 4 Flute Sleeves

This style is something I see catching on very quickly. It is so very simple and has understated details but is a wardrobe must. This style comes from the 1960s.


There are so much more styles in the SS17 collection, if you have liked this blog and want to see more please comment or like 🙂


Ps…Self Tanning Mousse


Hi Everybody,

I just want to say a big big thank you to everyone who has helped me reach 10,000 views on my video,I was overwhelmed with the response. The girls who have won the Havana Collection giveaway, Catherine, Danielle and Leanne I haven’t forgotten about you, I promise the prizes will be given within the next week.

I heard that Primark were coming out with a new tan and being honest, I didn’t have high expectations of it. I thought this is going to smell weird, it’s going to turn green or it’s going to be streaky. I was really afraid to try it in case it turned out terrible. I also thought because it was only €3.50 that it wasn’t going to be all that.

I have learned do not judge a book by it’s brand and price tag.

self tan time line.PNG

♥  Preparing My Skin ♥

When applying self tan, you need to get the base right. The best thing to get your skin looking flawless is to shave, exfoliate and moisturize before you tan. It makes sure tan doesn’t cling to the hairs or dry patches that your skin may have.

♥  Applying The Tan ♥

I always start with my arms, the tan I usually use, one pump does my whole arm so I was expecting the same result from this tan. I think it took me 3 or 4 pumps to do one arm, not much comes out with one pump. It spreads nicely, you don’t have to rub for ages to get the product to blend.

I was expecting the tan to smell weird like the Coco Brown, I really can’t stand the smell of it and my boyfriend doesn’t either so I don’t wear it anymore. I think I thought it would smell because Primark sells the Coco brown, therefore they would produce a similar product. I was so wrong, it smelled beautiful, nice and fruity because of the Apricot Oil.

Then tan appeared start away there was no developing time, so it was easy to see parts I have missed. At the time I was unsure if it needed to develop or not so I just left it on over night just in case, it looked the very same after just applying. It was kind of sticky like some tans so I sat around wearing minimal clothing to let it dry. The tan did not rub off on my clothes or on my sheets so I was delighted.

♥  The Tan On My Skin ♥

I got the shade Light Medium for two reasons

  1. It was the only shade we had it stock
  2. I wanted to try the lightest just in case it was a crazy colour.

I am very pale and when I mean pale, I mean the whitest person you have ever seen in your life. Just look how white my feet are.

Pale feet.PNG


This tan looked so natural on me that even my own mother thought I was just out in the sun and that is the look I was going for. I wanted to look sun kissed. If you weren’t pale I would recommend you get the Dark shade.


After letting the tan develop for the night the tan smelled like my skin, I decided to not wash it off like I would with Coco Brown tan. I have learned that with this product you can put it on just before heading out, it would be great if you were going out on a last minute night out.

♥ Longevity ♥

The next time I had a shower the tan came off completely, I would say that this tan is a quick one night only kind of tan. I would definitely say it was build-able if you would like to add more on.

♥ Overall Opinion ♥

I would recommend this tan if you only want a quick tan, a one night only kind of thing. I really like this product and will continue to use it because it was easy to apply, smells nice, gives a natural glow and comes off easy there is no patchy weird looking effect to it.


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The Colossal BIG SHOT Volum’ Express Mascara


Can I start off by saying what a mouthful it is to say that name. When I purchased this product I had very high expectations of it as many YouTube beauty gurus helped endorse it. They went on a trip dedicated to the release of this product. MakeUpShayla and MannyMua always talks highly about this mascara, so you can see where my expectations stem from.

Maybelline says Unleash girl boss lashes with Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara, for fully loaded volume in one coat. The Big Shot brush features unique, wavy bristles that cradle lashes, while the collagen formula delivers bold volume.

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Primark “Work Out”Beauty Collection

Hello Everyone!

My most popular blogs are my Primark ones, I suppose it is because there is not a lot of information or reviews about primark make up. Well girls I am here for you, I got you covered, I got your back. There are a few products in this collection, the ones that I have purchased are:



I liked the idea behind this product, I wanted something light weight that gave me some coverage on the days where I didn’t want to go full glam but didn’t want to go full bare face either. I love the fact it as a concealer and a mirror in its lid. I would use the concealer to spot conceal on the areas that needed a little more attention. The colour range is not great at all with this product, it is the same with their PS Pro Long Lasting Foundation. I got the shade light but it was too dark for me, the product it’s self is really good. I use it when I am doing make up for my Mother and Aunt. I would use it a lot more but the colour range is stopping me, this product would be great otherwise.


no sweat

I really liked the concept of this powder, I was so excited to try this out. When I go out of the town (haha which is like once every 6 years) and I am dancing I get very sweaty and my make up melts. I thought if this product works then every girls problem would be solved! Sadly I was very disappointed with this product. Firstly the shade range is awful I think there is only 2 or 3 shades, I got the Ivory shade and I didn’t look inside because my previous experience with Primark powders has been great shade wise. This product was way way too dark for my skin tone, it oxidized as well which wasn’t a great experience for me as I wore it for my 21st birthday party and I nearly cried when I looked at the pictures. I used it on my mother and aunt along with the Knockout BB cream and it looked wonderful on them but I did notice a bit of movement of the powder through the night. I wouldn’t recommend this product, I would recommend their Ps Pressed powder for the same price.


shape up

This lip contour is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. It glides across your lips, it is so smooth and creamy. My lips feel amazing when I wear this, it is so pigmented. I really recommend this product, I have it in the shade ” Warm Up” it goes perfectly with my Ps Pro lipstick Boudoir Pink. It is long wearing. It is perfect in every sense.




This mascara is really black and that is why I love it so much. It adds much-needed volume and length to my baby lashes. I wouldn’t say it is long wearing because I noticed by the end of the day it starts to wear off and I don’t get that with my Maybelline Big Shot Mascara. I think it is amazing for the price.


Image result for ps work out eyeliner

I didn’t expect much from this product really as throughout the years I haven’t found affordable eyeliners to be pigmented and long lasting. I was right about this product, the application is smooth and I love that but it wasn’t very black. I would have to apply a couple of layers to get the colour pay off that I wanted to achieve. It also fades quickly.

There are more products in this collection which I have not purchased and I do not know if I will either due to the quality of the products I have tried. I love so many Primark beauty products and had such high hopes for this collection and I loved the concept of whole idea. Hopefully their next collection is way better.

If you want to find out about amazing Primark Beauty products please read my other blogs.


Accessorize Eye Wardrobe

Hello Everyone!

Everybody has that eye shadow palette from way back when, don’t know where they got it, how long they have it or one single thing about it. Well for me its my Accessorize Eye Wardrobe, it is probably 7 years past its use by date but my eyelids haven’t fallen off yet so I think I am okay.

It is the most pigmented, long lasting eyes shadow I have ever used and probably will ever use. It is just perfect in every single way possible. I really want to by another one because my Favourite gold colour which I use for highlighter is all gone and I am devastated. I actually don’t know where this post is going, am I reviewing it or asking for help to find another one? Maybe both. I need to find this brand and buy all their eye shadows. I am pretty sure I got it in a set with eyelashes and lip gloss.


Just look at how perfect those colours are, the browns are so rich, the purple pops and that gold just speaks to me on another level. It is the perfect shimmer palette for crazy colourful looks or a night on the town.

If anyone knows anything about this brand or knows where I can buy another one of these palettes let me know so I can buy 6 of them. Thank You.


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Dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hello Everyone!

I might be late to the game with this one, but I have never seen a closer dupe. They are practically the same palette. I was gifted the W7 Lightly Toasted Palette on my 21st Birthday by my brothers beautiful girlfriend (along with some others I will discuss in future posts). When I opened it the next day I thought to myself, this range of shades looks very familiar. IT’S JUST LIKE THE NAKED PALETTE. The Naked palette is ride or die for me. I watched the W7 eyeshadows, I couldn’t get over the resemblance, see for yourself! The only major difference is the price tag!

urban decay w7 swatches.jpg

Photo Credit: Jasmine Talks Beauty.

W7 In The Buff: Lightly Toasted €7.49

Urban Decay: Naked €50 (Sephora Price)


Photo Credit: Beauty Fashion and Lifestyle

The only real difference is the formula. Urban Decay is creamier and the product lasts longer. W7 the formula is more chalky and powdery, doesn’t last as long but the pigmentation is just as strong.

If you are on a budget and would love a Naked Palette, get the W7 it’s worth it trust me! They also have dupes for all the other Naked Palettes.



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FIT Me! Maybelline Matte + Poreless



Hello Everybody!

I had some money for once so I decided to buy a new foundation to try out. I purchased the FIT Me! Matte + Poreless for €11.99. I was looking for a foundation for oily skin types because I have been struggling with the oil on my nose, whenever I wear my Ps Pro Long Lasting Foundation it lasts ALL day on my skin except for my nose. I really put this foundation to the test by wearing it on a day trip where I knew I wouldn’t be able to powder my nose. I went to the Allianz Leauge Hurling Semi Final Wexford V Tipperary (we lost sadly), I would be out of the house 5 – 6 hours.

This foundation states that it mattifies and refines pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin. Matches your skin tone and texture. Has a natural seamless finish.

When I applied this foundation I just instantly fell in love. I have the shade 105 Natural Ivory, It has a yellow undertone which I should not have gotten but in the end it worked out well. It looked so natural, you could still see my freckles which I loved but it gave my skin a little boost. It made my skin look healthy and perfect, at the minute I have minimal texture so it just looked amazing. I honestly could not stop looking in the mirror at myself. I do have a dry forehead so I only put the smallest amount in that area as it is for normal to oily.

I applied the foundation at 1 pm and went off about my day. Never once did I feel the foundation on my skin, nor did I feel my nose getting oily. After about an hour of wearing any other foundation I can feel the oil, but not this time. I got home at 7 pm and my foundation on my nose had just started to get oily. I got 6 hours out of this foundation without having to top it up once, that is a major deal for me.

I am so impressed with this foundation, I would seriously recommend it!

I would rate this foundation:



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